Drug Delivery Device Components

A complete resource for drug delivery component manufacturing and logistics. Drug delivery devices comprise one of the most rapidly growing segments of the medical device manufacturing market. Substantial R&D efforts are being focused on new drug formulations and the most appropriate designs for the drug delivery mechanisms. Good designs, however, do not automatically ensure that these devices can be assembled consistently with near zero rejects. Beyond good design and well-conceived assembly systems there is a critical need for a component management process that provides on-time delivery of interrelated components that not only meet specifications but also have tolerance bands aligned […]

Beyond ‘tribal knowledge’ molding

Molding process “tribal knowledge” garnered from years of shared trial-and-error experience allows molders to make acceptable molded parts based on settings that have usually worked in the past for similar part geometries and materials. But for high-precision production molding, we really need to know that our process parameters are not just good enough, but optimal. Molding DOE (Design of Experiments) allows us to quickly narrow down the critical parameters and then create experiments to fine-tune ideal settings at the machine. Read more at Scientific Process Development: Beyond Tribal Knowledge Molding.

A closer look: Coining

Coining can be a very cost-effective procedure for producing a durable precision part with functionally critical features. Learn more about the precision stamping coining process.

A closer look: Coining

Coining is a precision stamping process that is utilized to create very closely toleranced features on a variety of metallic materials. It’s often used to create functional features that interact with other parts of a mechanism or to work-harden material to give it additional strength in localized areas. Coining is not a process that removes material as in a traditional stamping operation that uses a punch and die to cut. Instead, the coining tool applies tremendous force to the work piece and creates the desired shape by displacing material. Coining geometry is developed based on the shape of the desired […]

Laser Welding Capability at PEP Lacey

PEP Lacey is proud to announce the introduction of laser welding as a new core competency. The system introduced robotic and vision technology to accurately guide the laser heads to create precise welds. The system, which was configured and integrated by PEP Lacey, has the advantage of flexibility in being able to move the laser heads to where they are needed. Ken Lisk, PEP Lacey President noted, “By building in flexibility upfront, we are able to quickly take on projects with minimal fixture costs and minimal lead times”.