Drug Delivery Device Components

A complete resource for drug delivery component manufacturing and logistics.

Drug delivery devices comprise one of the most rapidly growing segments of the medical device manufacturing market. Substantial R&D efforts are being focused on new drug formulations and the most appropriate designs for the drug delivery mechanisms. Good designs, however, do not automatically ensure that these devices can be assembled consistently with near zero rejects.

Beyond good design and well-conceived assembly systems there is a critical need for a component management process that provides on-time delivery of interrelated components that not only meet specifications but also have tolerance bands aligned for efficient assembly.

In addition to insuring that the devices can be assembled efficiently, the Component Management Process has a favorable impact on:

  • Drug delivery device performance.
  • Time to market.
  • Assembly process trouble-shooting.
  • Component traceability.
  • Consolidated supply chain management.
  • On-going manufacturing cost management.
  • Efficient scalability for high volume production.

Such a process has been in use by PEP Precision Engineered Products for more than a decade to realize these benefits for participants in a wide range of industries including medical devices and, more specifically, drug delivery systems.

Multi-Layered Core Competencies

Within the drug delivery market segment our core manufacturing competencies are focused on making all of the components and sub-assemblies required for producing high-yield drug delivery devices.

  • Ultra-high precision injection molding and micro molding Molding with accuracy and design fidelity second to none.
  • Metal stamping – Deep experience stamping highly intricate metal components such as those required in wearable medical devices.
  • Tooling for stamping, molding and micro molding Tooling is too important to leave to others. So we are experts in making precision tooling for our own molding, micro molding and stamping processes. Precision tooling puts PEP at the forefront when it comes to making intricate, close tolerance components.
  • Metal machined parts – Precision CNC machining including multi-axis micro machining and tight tolerance grinding
  • Medical quality machined plastic Critical parts machined from a variety of engineering plastics including resins considered to be the most difficult to machine.
  • Clean room assembly, kitting and packaging We’ve invested in clean room capacity because our customers don’t want to wait for us to build clean rooms when they need higher quantities asap.

Management Level Commitment

Manufacturing drug delivery devices is a complex process that begins with a concept and proceeds through many stages until a viable product is being manufactured. At PEP there is an intense management commitment to doing what it takes to get our customers products to market expeditiously and ultimately produce them flawlessly in high volumes.

We can take ownership of your device at the component level from concept to prototype, to manufacturing process development, to scaled up production. We are prepared to collaborate and partner with you to make all of these good things happen.